By Ralph Iannotti

CANONSBURG (KDKA) — The location of a nativity scene has ignited controversy in Canonsburg.

Canonsburg resident Megan Hartley fired off a letter to the Canonsburg Borough Manager Terry Hazlett.

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Among other things, her letter read: “There are plenty of nativity sets on display every year in front of many churches in town and in front of private homes as well. We do not need another one in front of a government building.”

Hartley was referring to a crèche which has been put up in front of the borough building every December longer than most folks remember.

Rather than risk an expensive court suit, Hazlett decided to have the Knights of Columbus put the display up this year on private property just down the street from the municipal offices.

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“If the government is promoting one religion over others, that’s not fair,” Hartley said. “We have Jewish members of this community, Muslim members of this community, atheist members of this community – we even have pagan members of this community and having a Nativity set up doesn’t represent a single one of them.”

“It’s illegal to have a crèche on government property, so we took it off,” Hazlett said. “Now, if we can find a way to move it back onto the property we will, but we want to make sure it’s legal first,” Hazlett.

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Anthony Lewandowsky called moving it “an abomination.” He added someone might be offended by the statue of Perry Como, which stands in front of borough offices. “Will that have to go too?” he asked.