NORTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police in North Fayette Township are investigating after a couple found a bullet in an upstairs bedroom of their home.

A window and wall tell the tale of why Karen Fitsioris is frightened to be in her home.

“A bullet came through the house, from a hunter we believe,” said Fitsioris.

“Several slates in the mini-blind were missing – about three-inches wide – started looking around [and] noticed the glass was broken. [I] told my daughter, run and get daddy,” she added. “He came upstairs, saw the glass, he came upstairs, saw the hole in the wall and said it looks like a bullet came through the window. I looked down and found the bullet, a pretty large one.”

She says a few of her neighbors reported hearing the shot.

“Several neighbors heard the gunshot, very loud at 4:30, enough to call the Game Commission. A woman even said she heard the bullet whistle between houses,” Fitsiotis said. “So, that was pretty shocking.”

Residents say they have seen hunters on a nearby hillside in the past and they think that is where the bullet may have come from.

Fitsioris says she is not against hunting, if anything, she supports sportsmen. She just wants people using firearms close to homes to be more cautious.

“We just want them to think before they shoot that gun,” she added. “What’s out there? What could that bullet hit besides deer?”

Finding those responsible could prove difficult, if not impossible. That’s because the area is used by many hunters and the season is for the most part over.

However, if they are caught, they would face fines, the revocation of their hunting license and possible charges.

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