BUTLER COUNTY (KDKA) – One of the biggest frustrations for road crews is the wind. Just when they get a section cleared, the winds blow snow back on to the road.

There is already a lot of snow on the ground in Butler County. While it’s nothing compared to last winter, PennDOT has been doing a good job keeping the roads clear.

The big problem they are facing is keeping up with snow that keeps blowing across the highway.

Trucker Shannon McMasters said he had to adjust to icy road conditions on Interstate 79, while driving from Erie to Pittsburgh Monday morning.

“It slows you down a whole lot. You better be careful. If you’re not careful, you are going to lose it, no matter what. I don’t care how good of a driver you think you are, you’re not as good as what these roads are predicting right now,’ McMasters said.

The problem is high winds blowing snow across the highway and covering the lanes.

“Somebody will be driving along and think it is a fairly decent road and then they come to a slick spot and that’s when they have problems,” Bob Shrak with PennDOT said.

“I’m not going no faster than 45 [mph]. Normally, I will run the speed limit, 65, maybe 67, but I’m down to 45. The roads are terrible,” Ed Linville said.

Linville just delivered a load to Erie and was on his way to Aliquippa. He said don’t be fooled by roads that may seem clear.

“I think it is just a mirage so to speak, you know. They’re icy, man. They’re real icy,” Linville said.

As the winter driving season gets under way, it is time to adjust to changing road conditions.

“The big thing is trying to get your speed down. That’s the key. If everybody would slow down, you wouldn’t have near the problems that you have,” Shrak said.

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