PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’re lucky enough to find a new tech toy in your Christmas stocking, you’ll probably want to recycle or throw out your old one.

However, before you toss that old cell phone or laptop, KPIX-TV in San Francisco’s Julie Watts says you can turn your electronic junk into cash.

“Most people probably have about $100 dollars worth of stuff just lying around their house collecting dust,” Gazelle.com Chief Gadget Officer Anthony Scarsella, said.

Scarsella is part of a growing number of websites that let you trade in your old tech toys for cold hard cash.

Gazelle is one of many sites that let consumers trade in their old tech toys for cash. Watts put a 3G iPhone to the test to see how it works. After answering a few questions, the phone’s trade-in price came in at $117.

CNET’s Brian Cooley said that is not surprising. Especially when you’re talking about old Apple tech toys.

“CNET.com now compares that to a BlackBerry Bold, which is a competing phone. [That] kind of device only gets you $56, so Apple products tend to get very good resale value,” Cooley said.

However, don’t count out your other gadgets. Old BlackBerrys average about $30 to $40, digital cameras and MP3 players will get you about the same.

Laptops and video game systems go for around $80 and you can even cash in on some broken tech toys.

“iPhones, iPads, high-end MacBooks, even if they’re not functional, they should have a small minimum pay out of around $40, $50, $60 depending on the device,” Scarsella said.

If you act fast, you could get that money in time for your last-minute shopping. Gazelle said they’ll send you a label and pay you out within five business days.

Gazelle is not the only place to sell your old tech toys.

There are websites like BuyMyTronics.com and stores like Costco and Radio Shack will give you free estimates for what your items are worth.

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