ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A woman from Ross Township remains in critical condition after she was hit by a car outside of her home earlier this week.

Now, the woman’s daughter is speaking out about what happened and making a plea for the driver to come forward.

“We’re very angry,” said Chris Hussar, the victim’s daughter. “We want them to understand – we know it was garbage night, it wasn’t a garbage can that you hit, it wasn’t a turkey, it wasn’t a deer or a dog; you hit a human being. You hit my mom.”

It happened Tuesday, Mary Ann Hussar was bringing garbage to the curb in front of her home around 7 p.m. when a fast-moving car passed another on the left, struck Hussar and sped away.

Police say they are looking for a small, black car with a noisy muffler and no hubcaps. The Hussar family has seen that car before.

Dan Hussar, the victim’s husband, didn’t want to talk on camera, but now he spends his day looking out his front window for that car.

“Please, please understand that you didn’t hit a garbage can, you didn’t a garbage bag, you hit my mom,” said Chris.

Mary Ann Hussar suffered arm and leg injuries. She is set to have another surgery on Friday.

Ross Township police say they have received several leads in the case, but so far they haven’t been able to track down the driver.

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