PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Last week, the Port Authority received $45 million in otherwise unused economic development funds to avoid record service cuts.

However, the agency now says it’s possible that some of those cuts may still happen.

When it comes to the Port Authority, you usually get one of two reactions.

“The guys on the bus are really nice. The workers, they help you out and everything,” George Meyer said.

Of course, there’s another opinion.

“I think the service is poor. Prices are going up and the service is poor,” Debra Kirk said.

But, it has been a good month for the agency. Gov. Ed Rendell coerced the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission to come up with $45 million in stopgap funding to avert major cuts.

However, there could still be some smaller ones.

“Port Authority is committed at trying to stretch that money over the next year and a half. Right now, we’re looking at that money to specifically [see] how that money would affect our funding situation and how it would affect our service situation,” Jim Ritchie said.

Right now, that money would keep buses rolling through June, but the agency is hoping to give lawmakers time to come up with a new funding formula.

The Port Authority is continuing to hash out that plan to see if they’ll avert all of those cuts, or only keep some of them.

One thing that won’t change is a planned fare hike because at the beginning of next year, everything from passes to tickets will go up.

“If you buy passes, you might want to remember that as we head into the holiday season, the prices will be different as you go to buy your monthly and weekly passes at the end of the year,” Ritchie said.

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