PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow overnight covered the streets and made driving conditions dangerous during the Friday morning rush hour.

Even though the snow has stopped for now, it looks like more is on the way.

By mid-morning Friday, the snow machine kicked back on. It created whiteout conditions on Interstate 279 and laid a fresh blanket on some ramps.

“It’s only the beginning here in Pittsburgh,” said Brian Johnson, who was working to clear snow on Pitt’s campus Friday morning. “It’s something we grow up with.”

There was an accident reported on Clairton Road in Baldwin overnight. Officials say the SUV hit an icy spot, and then ran into a utility pole.

Many of the main roads in the city remained clear with just the few inches of snow we got overnight, but enough fell to create some extra work.

Over at D & T Auto Body and West View Motors, owners spent an hour getting the lot ready for customers this morning.

“It could be a lot better; we could be in Florida too though,” said Troy Holtgraver, of D & T Auto Body.

In West View, neighbors cleaned their driveways and sidewalks, thanking road crews for keep their roads safe and clear.

More snow is in forecast for the rest of the weekend and whether we get a little or a lot, some say bring it on.

“It’s always going to go away, so you just deal with it,” said Kris Bachert, a local resident who loves the snow. “We live in Pittsburgh, it’s the winter and you get what you sign up for when you live here.”

Drivers are being urged to use extra caution on local roadways this weekend.

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