By David Highfield

BUTLER (KDKA) — There’s an arrest warrant out for 25-year-old Robert Fleming of Monaca.

Police say he went to Lyndora Auto Sales in Butler County on Tuesday and asked to take a Chevrolet pick up truck out for a test drive. The problem is he never came back and the truck is worth $29,000.

But police say Fleming made their job easier because before going out on the “test drive,” he allowed the dealership to make a copy of his driver’s license.

A short time later, Fleming is accused of stealing gas from a Cal’s General Store in Portersville to fill up the pick-up. According to the store’s night manager, Fleming left his actual driver’s license there because he wanted to pump gas before he paid for it.

“He left his license with us and then when he went outside to pump his gas, he finished pumping around $80 and then he drove away,” said manager Chelcie Ketterer. “Not the smartest thing to do.”

Police, however, hope Fleming will smarten up. “It would be to his great benefit to bring the truck back, so if he’s listening, get it back here and save yourself some real grief,” said Butler Township Police Sgt. Robert Murphy.

Fleming has been in trouble with the law before.

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