PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After a week of non-stop snowfall, shoveling and salting, many Pittsburghers are ready for a break in the weather.

With more snow in the forecast for the weekend, people across the area are going weary of winter.

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It’s getting a bit redundant isn’t it – the snow, the cold, the repeated shoveling.

“I’m tired of it, if I wanted to shovel snow I would move to Alaska,” said local resident Ray Klapkowski. “Over and over, it just repeats itself.”

Harry James is stuck in the elements everyday. He’s a crossing guard for Lincoln Elementary School and says the weather can make his job tough, but things could be worse.

“It’s better than Cleveland or Buffalo,” said James.

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Meanwhile, with a broken snow blower, Jim Border spent his morning with a shovel in his hand. Even if it is a nuisance, he says this winter doesn’t even come close to some that he has seen.

“Nothing like – what was it – 1950 when we had the large snow,” he said.

While local people are ready for a warm up, some local businesses are loving it.

“Since the bad weather’s come through here, we’ve had a lot of good sales over the last two or three weeks here,” said Chuck Satterfield, of Rollier’s Hardware in Mount Lebanon. “So, it makes a big difference in the business.”

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Aside from shovels and salt, Satterfield says roof rakes and a product that prevents pets from getting salt burn on their paws are flying off the shelves.