PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Most Pittsburgh Steeler fans were probably hoping for the New York Jets to beat the New England Patriots in order to have home-field advantage for the AFC Championship Game.

As soon as the Jets clinched the win over the Patriots, fans went in search of tickets for Sunday’s game.

Even though 1,300 extra end zone seats were added, there will be no public sale of tickets for the AFC Championship Game.

The good news is that you can get tickets, if you’re willing to part with a lot of money.

On ticket reselling websites, KDKA’s Jon Greiner found $300 is about the lowest asking price you’ll find.

That will get you tickets in the upper levels.

They’re asking $400 for lower level seats, with most priced in the $500 range.

At $600 each, you can get tickets in the coveted club level.

However, Pittsburgh Police said there will be counterfeit tickets circulating out there, and the Steelers warn there’s only one place where tickets are guaranteed. That place is on the NFL’s official ticket exchange.

“We want everyone to understand that there’s some authenticity there with those tickets. You’re guaranteed authenticity when you go to those sites to purchase the tickets. If you’re purchasing them anywhere else, there’s no guarantee and it is buyer beware and I think this is really important with the magnitude of Sunday’s game,” Dave Lockett with the Steelers said.

Pittsburgh Police said the counterfeits are so good, that only a season ticket holder might be able to tell the difference, so beware if you buy from a third party.

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