WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) – The snow started falling just in time to bring last night’s rush hour traffic to a crawl; and drivers can expect more slow-going for the morning commute.

The snow brought traffic on Interstate 79 to a stop yesterday at several points in the South Hills and into Washington County.

While numerous accidents were reported, most of them were minor.

Police had to shut down Forest Grove Road in Robinson Township after two vehicles crashed head-on. Two people were injured in the accident.

Dennis Maffei, from Pine Ridge Landscaping, clears snow away for businesses, but had trouble traveling between jobs.

“The roads are treacherous, real bad,” said Maffei. He also said he was stuck in the same spot for more than an hour near Southpointe.

Mike Buczkowski of Penn Hills said the key is to drive smart, but as for the condition of the roads, he said, “They’re awful!”

PennDOT said they are concentrating on primary routes. They have all crews out and hope to keep the primary roads passable for this morning’s commute.

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