MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — You know the story.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy grew up in Greenfield, cheering the Steelers – a Pittsburgh kind of guy who’s there when you really need him.

But there’s another Mike McCarthy.

“I own and run the Mr. John Portable Toilet Company,” he said.

This Michael McCarthy owns a commodious lot in McKees Rocks filled with necessary rooms while his famous namesake has 53 players to look out for.

“We have approximately 4,000 units,” he said. “During the summer, most of these portable toilets I hope to think would be out on rental.”

Like any good coach, Mike McCarthy works the sidelines – especially at Steelers parties.

“Any event that serves beer or alcohol,” McCarthy said. “When they do rent them from you, they underestimate the amount that you need. You need to sort of double it so you’re not having a problem.”

Despite the similarity in names, this Mike McCarthy makes it clear which team has his loyalty.

“I bleed black and gold,” he said.

McCarthy was among the shivering masses at Heinz Field, cheering as the Steelers made this city flush with pride. Though he’s not privy to inside information, it’s clear which team he hopes will occupy the throne.

“Mike, I wish you a lot of luck, but I hope you lose,” McCarthy said.

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