As you could probably guess, this week’s edition of Best of the Web is heavy on the Steelers and SB45, with odd and interesting posts from all corners of the web. That being said, we’ve also got video of the fantastic goalie fight in the Pens-Islanders game, news on Pitt’s recruiting class, some early chatter about Ray Shero and the trade deadline, fallout from Jordan Staal’s punch, and much, much more. But on the whole, yeah, it’s pretty Steeler-heavy. To the links!


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The 2011 Pitt football recruiting class is in, and it’s not making a blip on the national radar. But Todd Graham gets a pass on this one based purely on the fact that this was a tough task just to salvage anything from this class. According to ESPN, Pitt landed zero four or five-star recruits and (11) three-star recruits, so it will be on Graham and his staff to coach these new Panthers up to a higher level. [ESPN]

If you missed the goalie fight between Brent Johnson and Rick Dipietro last night, consider yourself briefed:

And on the topic of hockey brutality, here’s some good news for the Pens: Jordan Staal won’t be getting a suspension for his recent punch of Brandon Prust. [TSN]

When a story includes the words “Ray Shero” and “trade deadline“, my interest is piqued. []

Ike Taylor isn’t bothered by the Steelers’ “dirty” label, saying so eloquently, “It ain’t flag football.” [SI]

It’s been a few days since this story hit, but I still can’t figure out why Roger Goodell chose to re-open the Ben Roethlisberger Can of Worms. And now, he just did the same thing with SpyGate! Since when did the Commish turn into Chatty Cathy? [Yahoo!, ESPN]

Peter King explained his side of the Goodell/Roethlisberger controversy he had a hand in creating, and did so without any complaints about hotel rooms, anecdotes about coffee, or recaps of the latest episode of The Office. [SI]

Hines Ward sounded off on the NFL’s new safety guidelines, and to say he used some salty language in his thoughts would probably be an understatement. [GQ]

Bruce Arians says his gig as Steeler OC is his last job, and plans to retire as a member of the Steeler organization. [PFT]

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In a make-believe world that has a squad made up of only Packer and Steeler greats, Pete Prisco cobbles together a first and second team. [CBS]

Did James Harrison go too far with his sarcastic comments about Roger Goodell? Noooooo, of course not. [PG]

I know Maurkice Pouncey potentially being out of the lineup could be a major issue, but Craig Wolfley makes me feel a little better about The Big Legursky. []

What does the number 857 have to do with the Steelers Super Bowl 45? I can honestly say I have no idea, but I’m about to find out. [PB&G]

The Terrible Turban? The Terrible Turban. [Blog ‘n’ Gold]

Steeler fans in Dallas: here’s Deadspin’s “bounty hunt” price list for salacious photos you may take this week. $50 for a shot of a drunken Steeler! [Deadspin]

How do the Steelers groom so many great linebackers? Here’s Keith Butler’s secret recipe. [NY Times]

What will the future bring for the 2011 Steeler free agents-to-be? Probably some combination of unemployment and riches. [Trib]

Celebrity Super Bowl picks, anyone? Hey, Murrysville’s Julie Benz picked the Steelers! [SI]

Neil Walker will be featured on the MLB Network show “Top 10 Right Now: Second Basemen,” which will air at 8 p.m. Thursday night. If this team ever becomes any good, Walker could be one of the biggest stories in town. Of course, that’s a ginormous “if”. [Trib]

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