DALLAS, Texas (KDKA) — Many of the Steelers fans visiting Texas for the Super Bowl spent their Saturday gearing up for the big game by visiting the NFL Experience.

The huge exhibit is set up at the Dallas Convention Center, and for fans, the enormity of it all defies description.

“I was here two years ago at the one in Tampa; it’s awesome,” said John Siefken, of Murrysville. “It’s a great, great celebration of football and of the NFL.”

Elbow to elbow, it’s a confluence of fans of every persuasion.

“This is awesome; I’ve never been here,” said Jeanette Hendersen, originally from Point Breeze. “We just moved to Texas, but we’re still Steelers fans till the day we die.”

“This is part of my bucket list, by the way,” said Rick Lusk, of Monongahela. “Going to the Super Bowl; I never thought I’d get to do it.”

One of the most popular places to stop and take photos was the display of all 44 previous Super Bowl rings.

“It’s like sensory overload,” said Anna Zissis, a Robinson Township native. “I enjoyed seeing the Super Bowl rings.”

As for the game on Sunday, those bleeding black and gold are cautiously optimistic.

“Close game, but we’re going to pull through,” said Frank Zissis, of Robinson Township.

“Green Bay, Steelers – come on… we’re winning,” added Tamitra Miles, of the East Hills.

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