PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The corruption trial of State Sen. Jane Orie continues today with more testimony.

The proceedings started Thursday after being delayed in the morning when two jurors were excused from duty. Opening statements were held in the afternoon and testimony then got underway.

In court this morning, a former staffer testified that she did campaign work on state time.

Former staff member Sharon Cochran testified that she drove Orie’s sister, then-Superior Court Judge Joan Orie Melvin, to an event in Johnstown when she was running for State Supreme Court.

Cochran testified: “The senator said she needed to get her sister (Judge Joan Orie Melvin) in front of the steelworkers, and asked if I could get my ex-husband, who was in the union, to help. I attended the event and got comp time from my legislative job. The next day, I got a scathing email from the senator saying the event was poorly attended and was a waste of her sister’s time.”

Earlier in the day, the defense provided an email involving another staffer, instructing her to do campaign work at home and thanking her for volunteering, but that staffer said she never did campaign work from home.

Testimony is continuing in court this afternoon.

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