BALDWIN BOROUGH (KDKA) – A homeowner in Baldwin Borough has been ordered to take down a 24-foot illuminated cross in his front yard.

However, he plans to fight the decision.

The cross towers over his neighbor’s property, affixed to a tree. After a complaint filed by the neighbor, Carl Behr has been told the cross must come down because it violates Baldwin Borough codes.

Behr believes his religious practices are being suppressed.

“I erected these crosses because of my faith and I’m not about to take them down. It’s about religion. That’s all it is,” Behr said.

“No. It has nothing to do with…we think religion is completely irrelevant to this. This is a matter of the physical structure on his real property,” Baldwin Borough Manager John Barrett said.

Barrett said after code enforcers inspected the cross, it was clear that it was in violation.

“A lot of it is safety related too. We need to have confidence that it is secure and it’s not going to become a dangerous obstacle for neighbors and the community,” Barrett said.

The notice gives Behr five days to comply or he’ll be fined and could face the magistrate.

While the cross has gained attention from the local media and the community, Baldwin Borough wants it to be clear that this is not a religious issue.