Former Penguin Peter Taglianetti joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN for his weekly segment.

The first thing Peter talked about is what took place on the ice between the Pens and Islanders on Friday night, and he describes it in one word as “embarrassing.”

Peter agrees with everything team owner Mario Lemieux had to say about what took place that night and says he has no problem with two guys dropping the gloves and fighting, but doesn’t agree with the tactics the Islander resorted to.

When it comes to Matt Martin attacking Max Talbot in that game and trying to blindside him, Peter thinks the NHL should have used that situation to send a message and suspended Martin for 20 games.

According to Peter, the NHL comes in before games like the one on Friday where they can sense that something may take place between the two teams and lets them know that they will be watching it closely.  Peter assumes that probably took place before the game, but blames the referees for what happened because he says they should have escorted the ejected players off the ice rather than breaking a fight up, and then letting the players stay on the ice.

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