By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Stink bugs have been bugging us since they invaded our area in the 1990’s.

There really has been no effective way of making them go away until now.

Brett Satterfield at Rollier’s Hardware in Mt. Lebanon says RESCUE! is known for making effective bug traps.

“They will have one for stink bugs coming out in a couple of months and it’s going to retail for $19.99,” he said.

Inventors are touting their stink bug traps online.

Post-Gazette columnist Doug Oster says that outdoor trap is pheromone based.

“Meaning it’s a sex lure trap,” he said. It’s supposedly irresistible within a range of 20-feet.

“It’s going to attract these stink bugs in there and they’re not going to be able to get out,” Oster said.

But what about trapping the ones already inside?

Andrew Strube, who hails from Lancaster County, used to work on airplanes. He’s still working on flying objects, developing a stink bug trap.

“Months of different testing and tried different adhesives and different scents,” he said.

“The Strube” is being marketed on the internet. There’s obviously money to be made, but will they work?

“As long as the pest is out there and becoming a pest for a lot of people I think these traps are gonna be a big seller,” he said.

Bill Todaro of the Allegheny Health Department says Mother Nature may also intervene. Other insects and some birds are already developing a taste for stink bugs.

“Eventually, in a few year’s time they will come into balance and they won’t be so much of a nuisance,” he said.

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