PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A new product promises to stir your dishes so you don’t have to.

KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak puts RoboStir to the test.

Kristen Licht loves spending time whipping up dishes and she was willing to help KDKA find out if the RoboStir lives up to its claims.

RoboStir is a little base unit with four legs that end in flat round silicone circle feet. It runs on batteries which are included.

The directions are simple. Place it in any pan. For best results, use one that’s non-stick. Make sure the feet are covered with whatever you’re cooking and press down the center to turn it on.

Jen and Kristen first tried it in plain water so they could watch the feet move.

The makers claim those silicone feet will cover every part of the pan – all around the edges. It has three speeds to help move through different consistencies.

After testing it in water, they start with gravy, adding in a little flour as a person normally would if making it from scratch.

After several minutes, the flour still wasn’t blended in with the rest of the gravy. Because it claims to be the RoboStir and not the RoboMix, Kristen went for the whisk.

Now could the RoboStir make good on its claim to prevent food from burning to the bottom of the pan? They let the gravy boil for nearly 10 minutes, but there was no burning.

Jen and Kristen moved on to something thicker. The commercial says the RoboStir is great for beans, but it didn’t turn out that way during their test.

There wasn’t much movement in the beans.

The RoboStir also promised to churn cheese sauce. Jen and Kristen tried it in some melted Velveeta. It didn’t move much at first, but it moved more as the pan heated up and the sauce thinned.

But in the end, the cheese sauce burned.

They also gave the RoboStir a shot at chocolate chips, but it didn’t cover every square in ch of the pan.

Jen and Kristin then tested RoboStir with a smaller sauce pan of marinara and it moved a little better, but it still seemed not to hit all areas.

After a lot of testing, it seems the answer to “Does it really do that?” for RoboStir is “not really.”

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