By: Heather Abraham

MILLVALE (KDKA) – Overnight rains combining with melting snow caused rivers, streams and creeks to swell around the area Monday.

The water gushed down Pine Creek in Shaler, rising up until Willow Street was partially under water.

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It was a similar story in Millvale, where the usual flooding concerns at Girty’s Run grew with the water level.

“You just don’t know. You just really don’t know how much water is coming, how fast it’s [going to] come. So, everybody on this street is pretty much used it,” Becky Fuchs said.

Diana Deweese’s basement had about six inches of water Monday morning. It has since been drained thanks to pumps, but the damage is done.

Her house is up for sale and she’s worried she may have to take it off the market.

Down the street, Fuchs said it’s been a long morning, monitoring the water and just hoping for the best.

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“We’ve been up since about 2:30 a.m. When we hear heavy rain, we’re on eggshells, just looking and watching the creek and watching our basements,” Fuchs said.

In Ross Township on Homer Street, water was starting to drain after the street flooded from the downpour this morning.

“It was really bad this morning. It ran down through here and then it ran down on the other side,” George Kern said.

The good news at Girty’s Run is that only some small amounts of water were seen in basements. However, the water is receding.

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