PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — From airline-sized bottles of vodka to expensive whiskey and tequila, Pennsylvania’s state-owned liquor stores are clearing out hundreds of items statewide.

It’s not unusual for the Liquor Control Board to order these so-called de-listing sales, but these sorts of discounts are uncommon.

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It may lack the frenzy of those Black Friday sales, but if you’re looking to stock up on wine or liquor, there’s a sale of a different sort going on now.

“Every year we look at items that are slow moving to make room to bring new items in,” said Jordan Fate, a local state store’s assistant manager.

There’s been a lot of talk about selling off the wine and spirits shops to a private company, but the Liquor Control Board says this is a way to stay competitive – de-listing nearly 400 items. For customers, that means some big discounts.

“The discount is cost,” says Fate. It’s what was paid for the items; so, there’s significant discounts on some items.”

The LCB holds these sales occasionally to get rid of slow-selling items, or to catch up with the latest trends.

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“This is an item that was extremely popular over the last two years. Now, there’s more brands out there. When there’s more than four or five brands in a category, like five mint teas, sales are going to start to level off on those items,” said Fate.

Markdowns can be drastic.

One bottle of Courvoisier XO, normally $134.99, is on sale for $90.99. That’s much less than the $164.99 you would pay at Wineglobe.com, or the $169.95 price tag from a state store in Virginia.

Pricey Patron Anejo Tequila goes from $124.99 to $82.99.

Bottles of some flavored Smirnoff vodkas, normally $16.99 at most outlets, are now $10.99. Even wines like Francis Ford Coppola’s Director’s Cut Pinot Noir are down from $23.99 to $14.99.

You also have to remember that selection will vary by store, so if you can’t find your favorite wine or spirit, check online or ask the cashier to check inventory elsewhere.

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