PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On Tuesday, one of the largest makers of tires will raise prices across the board.

Cooper Tires said this will be the second time this year they have had to raise prices to make up for higher costs on rubber and other raw materials.

However, if you’re looking for a new set of tires, there are five ways you can save money on your next purchase.

Whether it’s dry pavement, wet highways or dreaded ice, having the right tires makes all the difference.

“You don’t want the cheap tire, but don’t really need the best tire, but you want a tire with a good traction rating, good rating, handles water decent,” Bob Eyrolls of AAA Road Advisor said.

With manufacturers raising tire prices, blaming everything from rising rubber prices to gas prices, there are five ways you can save money when it comes time.

First, shop around. Those warehouse club memberships can pay off on more than peanut butter. Local Sam’s Club and Costco stores offer tires. While selection may be limited, Sam’s promises an instant $70 off a set of four Michelin tires. Costco knocks $70 off the sale of four Bridgestone tires.

You may pay a little more upfront, but Consumer Reports said so-called “low-rolling resistance tires” may save you money in the long-term because they cut down on the force the tire requires.

“It could potentially save you up to three miles per gallon on the highway. And that can save you about $100 per year,” Jon Linkov of Consumer Reports said.

Number three, price them online.

Sites like TireRack.com promise discounts across the board, and ship them right to a garage for installation. The possible drawback to this method is that you don’t see them until it’s possibly too late.

“The online tire stores, even with the four tires and postage, it’s competitive. I never had to return them online before, but it’s pretty competitive,” Eyrolls said.

Let’s say you have priced a full set of tires and you think the price tag is too high. If you only need one or two tires, there’s a businessman in West Mifflin who said he has the answer.

“If you have an inspection coming up, maybe you don’t know how long you want to keep your tires. Lease vehicles, the tires have to be a certain tread level or they’ll charge you for new tires,” Brad Rea of ChampTires.com said.

If you must buy used, check the date. The last four numbers of the DOT code show the month and date it was made. If it’s older than six years, AAA said don’t bother.

Finally, number five is take care your tires now and it will save you money by not having to a buy a new set sooner.

“Tire pressure by far, is the best thing to get the miles out of your tires. Keep them property inflated. You’ll get much better wear out of your tire,” Eyrolls said.


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