SHIPPINGPORT (KDKA) — Environmental contractors have quite a mess on their hands in Shippingport, Beaver County.

An unknown amount of diesel fuel spilled from a pipeline that burst around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

None of the fuel made its way into the Ohio River, but crews placed oil pads and booms in the water and in a stream as a precaution.

Hours later, a residual stream of what’s called ultra-low sulfur diesel was still shooting into the air.

Some men riding their ATVs called 911 after spotting what they described as a geyser shooting 50 feet in the air on the hillside behind NCG Industries on Shippingport Road.

John McHenry tells KDKA he “looked off to the hillside and we saw a big gas line shooting gas into the air. You could smell it in the air and we walked right up to it and it was gas.”

The company Buckeye Partners owns the 10-inch transmission line which delivers petroleum products to facilities in Pennsylvania and other states.

The Department of Environmental Protection was on site Sunday evening to make sure the water is safe.

“We contacted Midland Water Supply and that’s the concern right now. We are in contact with them about their next step,” said Katy Gresh, a DEP spokesperson. “We’re containing it at this point and we’ll be improving these mechanisms throughout the night.”

So far, there are no water advisories. Cleanup crews are expected to be on site for the next couple of days.

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