PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A handful of supporters showed up at Heinz Field to take part in the “NFL Fans National Day of Protest,” Sunday afternoon.

The movement is a grassroots effort “by the fans, for the fans” to show opposition to the current NFL lockout.

The fans who gathered outside of Heinz Field said it’s the fans who will be affected by the lockout if no games are played this fall.

“Everyone’s afraid there’s not going to be a season come September, so we’re hoping our efforts will help it along. The owners recognizes the fans are a big part of this also,” Randy Rose said.

Rose has also started a movement on Facebook called “Lockout the NFL.”

He said he is hoping to get fans to use their voice to influence change.

Protest organizers believe that their voices should be heard because it’s their money that funds the NFL.


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