McKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — Several adults and children were taken to the hospital this afternoon after they were overcome by fumes at a housing complex in McKees Rocks.

Officials say 10 people were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Six adults and two children were taken by ambulance, and two other children were taken by their parents.

Renee Grimes, 44, and her two grandchildren returned to their second floor apartment in Building 13 in the Hays Manor housing project in McKees Rocks after they were treated and released from Ohio Valley Hospital.

Acting Allegheny County Emergency Services Director Alan Henderson says a maintenance man was treating the lawn in front of the building with a herbicide when fumes from the weed killer got into the building.

Battalion Chief Chas Maritz of the McKees Rocks Fire Department told KDKA-TV that what made the situation worse was that the weed killer was mixed with kerosene. The fumes got in when the windows were opened on the first floor of the daycare center.

The fumes made some people light headed and nauseated. Others in the building didn’t know what the commotion was all about.

“All of a sudden, there was a knock at my apartment door and firemen wearing gas masks told me everybody inside had to evacuate,” Grimes said. “The firemen were ready for some serious stuff, by the way they looked.”

Firefighters hosed down the lawn to help dilute any remaining chemicals before allowing anybody to return.

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