PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A rock slide that shut down a busy roadway near Mount Washington early this morning has been reopened.

It didn’t take much to force the city to shut down McArdle Roadway for Wednesday morning’s rush hour.

“It was enough to cause problems,” said Rob Kaczorowski, the Pittsburgh Public Works director. “When our supervisor went out to assess the situation, there was a potential slide that would be more substantial than what came down.”

The section of the road connects thousands from Mount Washington to the Liberty Bridge.

It’s certainly not the first slide, and it won’t be the last; but it’s a spot where crews will be paying extra attention.

“We will keep an eye on it,” Kaczorowski said. “With the rainy season, we’ll go up and try to head off any potential areas that could cause some issues.”

The side of the hill is filled with abandoned coal mines and that triggers the runoff that causes the slides. But in the case of Wednesday morning, it was a minor one.

Still, closing it means better being safe than sorry.

“I’d rather err on the side of caution, better off being late for work than having a two ton boulder smash through your car,” added Kaczorowski. “So, we’d rather err on the side of caution.”

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