PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police say a lengthy investigation led them to two men suspected in a large-scale drug operation.

One of the men arrested in Monday morning’s sting is awaiting trail on charges he faked his own kidnapping.

Back in 2010, police charged 24-year-old Dominic Fields with faking his own kidnapping. He had been free on bond, awaiting sentencing next month on theft and conspiracy charges.

Today, investigators added drug charges to his rap sheet after the SWAT Team found drugs, cell phones and hundreds of dollars in cash in his SUV near Parkway Center Mall.

“After some brief statements from both actors, admitting their role in the narcotics transaction, we recovered approximately 400 stamp bags of heroin, which is eight bricks,” Pittsburgh Police Detective Brian Nicholas said.

Fields’ passenger, Ira Littlejohn, of Beltzhoover, was also taken into custody after the morning sting.

Fields and another man were accused in a ransom hoax that extorted $10,000 from Pittsburgh police. They planted the cash after a phone call to Fields’ father indicated his son would be killed if they didn’t pay up.

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