By: Gregg Giannotti

Here are a few quick thoughts I have on sports and other things I probably didn’t have time to mention on The Fan Morning Show, or if I did mention them I’d get yelled at.

– Penguins Forward Aaron Asham has a future in acting playing various Eskimo based roles when his NHL career is over.

– Consider chopping off your arm before seeing “Soul Surfer” the story of a courageous female surfer who returned to the sport after getting her arm bitten off by a shark. Great story, awful movie.

– Ryan Doumit’s eyes are scarier than Brooks Orpik’s

– I don’t enjoy good weather as much as I despise bad weather.

– No matter how ugly the NFL labor situation gets, no fans will be lost and not because the game is so great. Fantasy sports nerds and gamblers with keep the fire alive.

– I hate weddings unless there is a chocolate fountain I can dip fruit in at the reception. In that case, I love weddings.

– Root Sports will soon get rid of that horrible voiceover guy trying to sound like a Pittsburgher. It’s too embarrassing to leave on the air. Someone over there has to know that.

– There is a giant waste of space by the corner of 26th Street and Sidney Street down by Southside Works. With all the parking issues down there make that a parking lot instead of absolutely nothing.

– I like sneezing just once. Multiple sneezes are just annoying.

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