On Tuesday, a New York city college basketball writer reported that Ashton Gibbs was going to stay in the NBA draft.

I thought that was a misprint.

“I feel I can play at the NBA level,” Gibbs told Adam Zagoria of Sportsnet New York via text. “I’m looking forward to the challenge. When I entered the Draft, I entered to work my hardest to get drafted.”

Ashton, my man, if you really wanted to work your hardest to get drafted, where were you in the second half versus Butler?  You scored two points.  You didn’t have a bucket in the final ten minutes.

Ashton Gibbs has one considerable NBA talent: His 3-point shot-making.  That’s it.  He can’t break NBA guards off the dribble.  He’s not strong enough or quick enough to guard next level point guards.  He doesn’t rebound.  Right now his best case scenario NBA career is probably Steve Kerr’s.

If I’m advising Ashton Gibbs I’m telling him to get in the weight room this summer.  Learn how to find your own shot.  He’ll create more space for his jump shot by developing a slashing, driving side of his game.

So Ashton, please do yourself a favor in stay in school.  You might actually learn something.

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