PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police have taken a 14-year-old into custody in connection with one of three separate pizza delivery driver robberies earlier this week.

Authorities say the armed robberies happened on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They expect more arrests in the coming days.

Last Tuesday, a driver for the Domino’s Pizza shop on Ohio River Boulevard made a delivery to Donora Street on the North Side. Officials say when he arrived, a gun was held to his head.

“Two [held] him from the back, one held him from the side and they took the pizzas, they took the cash he had in his pocket and they just ran away,” said Roger Khowram, the manager of the pizza shop.

Police say another driver from Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta shop in downtown Pittsburgh was robbed at gunpoint on Rhine Place on the North Side last Sunday.

The shop owners are so upset they didn’t want to talk about it. However, Pittsburgh police say the 14-year-old was questioned, arrested and taken to Shuman Detention Center.

Meanwhile, back at Domino’s, they are trying to cope.

“It’s really a shame that, you know, these people are working late nights, trying to feed their families and some people, just for like 10, 15 dollars they do this stupid thing,” Khowram said.

As a precaution, the pizza place is now cutting back on deliveries.

Investigators say the suspect in the Domino’s robbery left a phone number, and later called back to see how long it would take.

Police say the other robbery happened on Monday just before 10 p.m. at Marland Street and Knox Avenue. According to investigators, the Amili’s Pizza driver was robbed while trying to make a delivery to Arabella Street.

Police continue to investigate all three incidents.

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