PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Four pedestrians were injured when a Yellow Cab jumped the curb in downtown Pittsburgh.

The incident happened in the 500-blcok of Penn Avenue near Subway.

At least two pedestrians are in critical condition. The cab also took down several parking meters before hitting two buildings.

Nathan Fritz, a culinary student, was standing just five feet away when it happened.

“I ran over to the scene and tried to help out as much as I could,” he told KDKA-TV. “I gave him my neckerchief to help stop the blood.”

Witnesses say the cab flew around the corner at Sixth Street and Penn Avenue, jumped the curb and took out several signs before hitting the restaurant, Six Penn. The cab then bounced off the restaurant, took out three pedestrians and then came to rest against another building.

“There was a woman with a little baby that jumped out of the way, luckily, that was inches – she was very close,” Joe Baumiller, a witness, said.

Yellow Cab released a statement saying they were still trying to gather information about this afternoon’s accident.

“Our staff will fully cooperate with Pittsburgh Police to determine exactly what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and their families,” Jamie Campologno, president and CEO of Pittsburgh Transportation Group, said in a statement.

A Pittsburgh police sergeant says it appears the cab was going 25-to-30 miles per hour and say it’s possible the driver had a seizure behind the wheel.

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