IMPERIAL (KDKA) — African American students at West Allegheny High School say they have been the target of recent hate letters.

The typed letters began:

“Now you [N-word], listen to what I have to say! You all believe that you guys run the school and intimidate us, but I got news for all you [N-words]. Y’all ain’t worth [expletive].”

There were eight letters in all. The same letter was addressed to different students placed on one girl’s chair.

The letter was turned over to the high school principal who contacted the North Fayette Police Department. They then contacted the district attorney’s office to see what charges could be filed in the case.

Parents of the students who received the letter want action.

“It needs to happen swiftly,” Annette Jackson said. “You don’t want to give whoever wrote that letter or any more opportunities or windows to do anything like that again.”

The parents will meet with school’s administration to talk about the ongoing investigation.

The district issued a written statement saying it would not tolerate any type of bullying or ethnic or racial intimidation and will increase its efforts in this area.

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