By: Joe Starkey

Let’s look at the Penguins’ tortuous history in Game 7’s played on home ice. This might seem terribly cruel, but stay with me here. Putting this stuff out in the open — facing it — could actually help exorcise the demons. It’s worth a shot, right? Say hello to the ghosts of Jaroslav Halak and David Volek, the Wreck of The Tom Fitzgerald and, of course, the ’89 Flyers and the ’75 Islanders. Do not be afraid, even if the Penguins are only 2-5 in Game 7’s played at home. A quick snapshot of all seven of those games:

— May 12, 2010: Canadiens 5, Penguins 2. Have Gonchar’s limbs defrosted yet?

— June 1, 1996: Panthers 3, Penguins 1. Fitzgerald owes you one.

— May 18, 1995: Penguins 3, Capitals 0. If only the Capitals were the visitor in all these games.

— May 14, 1993: Islanders 4, Penguins 3. David freakin’ Volek.

— April 15, 1991: Penguins 4, Devils 0. Tax day never felt so good.

— April 29, 1989: Flyers 4, Penguins 1. Penguins scored nine more than that a few games earlier.

— April 26, 1975: Islanders 1, Penguins 0. Old-timers will tell you it’s still the most gut-wrenching loss in franchise history.

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