PITTSBURGH — Cullen Christian decided early this week that he would leave the University of Michigan and transfer to Pitt to join former coach Tony Gibson.

A former Penn Hills standout, he’ll most likely join the Panthers as a cornerback in 2012. Looking at what he did in high school, Pitt fans should be optimistic with the tools he brings to the position.

Christian was rated a 4-Star cornerback by Scout.com his senior year and was rated the No. 3 prospect at his position. He received offers from Michigan, Maryland, Ohio State, Pitt, UCLA and West Virginia, eventually joining the Wolverines.

From looking at his play in high school, it’s pretty clear he has a lot more positives than negatives in his game. And while high school video can only tell you so much, it can show you what you’re starting with and the potential of the player.

Christian’s video shows impressive athleticism in both pursing the ball in the air and on the ground. He looks like a kid that plays pretty aggressively and likes to tackle, which is something Pitt struggled to do in the secondary last year.

Christian has two highlight reels online from his high school days. You can find the first one here, and be sure to check out the second one here.

Time will tell on this kid. We won’t see him for over a year, but that might help in in the long run.

Keith Patterson has some unique requests and focuses with his players and it might serve Christian well in the end to have a year to prepare before he suits up as a redshirt sophomore.

Chris Gates | Area 4-1-Zoo Blog

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