By: Jon Burton

Face it, NFL Owners: you lost.

A federal judge has ruled that the lockout should be lifted, and that it needs to be business as usual in the world of pro football.  The league’s owners made themselves look foolish by not allowing players inside their facilities to work out.

Even if the owners are trying to appeal the decision, the letter of the law says if there’s no lockout, then it’s time to get back to work.  That means free agency, trades, and yes, letting your players in the door to work out and watch film.

I get the fact that these guys are billionaires and they don’t like to admit they’re wrong.  But a federal judge ruled that they are, and until someone in a long robe carrying a gavel says otherwise, these owners have to swallow their pride, and unlock the doors.

The NFL is all about image.  They a are dignified, self-conscious organization that made themselves look foolish by telling their players they can’t work out due to “liability issues.”


When you consider the fact that most players do everything they can to avoid off-season training, these players should have been met with open arms when they showed up for work.  I’m sure the NFL owners feel like their fight is not over, and technically it isn’t.  But, for now, they need to concede the fact that the players have won.

Like the old saying goes, ‘Pride comes before the fall.’  Hopefully, when the fall season comes, there will be NFL football.

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