PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What happened to Sidney Crosby is a tale of two hits — the first being a brutal one in the Winter Classic at Heinz Field on New Year’s Day.

After the second against Tampa Bay just four days later, Crosby was diagnosed with the concussion that sidelined him the rest of the season, raising the question of whether he was already playing with a concussion at the time.

Andy Sheehan: “Are you worried that you had a concussion on top of a concussion with the second hit?”

Sidney Crosby: “You know what? It’s possible, but, you know, it’s not the easiest thing to diagnose and I don’t think if you ask any guy who’s been through it before it’s not something you know right away.”

Sustaining a hit to the head while having a concussion can result in something called post-concussion syndrome – associated with the lingering symptoms that Crosby has been suffering.

The team says Crosby was evaluated for concussion after the Winter Classic and showed no symptoms even up to game time against Tampa Bay.

“I talked to him myself for 10 minutes before the game, probably around 4:30 – never, ever, ever occur to me there was anything wrong,” General Manager Ray Shero said.

There is no way now of saying whether Crosby did suffer a brain injury in the first hit, but Crosby agrees the team did all it could to find out at the time.

“It wasn’t because of lack of care or anyone not being as diligent as possible it just the way the circumstances were, but, yeah, I don’t think anything would have changed,” Crosby said.

“Hindsight’s 20-20 with any of these injuries, but in terms of what happened in that five day period, what symptoms he had getting to the Tampa Bay game, you know,” Shero said. “But, I think we’re all confident as to how things were handled and treated.”

Despite a recent spate of headaches, Crosby is confident of his future.

“Hopefully the next step doesn’t have any hurdles and I’m just able to begin getting ready for next season as usual,” he said.

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