PITTSBURGH — Big East spring games concluded last weekend and Pitt came in dead last in the conference in attendance.

The Panthers brought just 1,507 fans to Heinz Field on April 16 — albeit during a steady downpour that would have affected the turnout at even the biggest of programs.

ESPN.com’s Brian Bennet broke down the conference attendance totals, which are as follows:

  • West Virginia: 22,000
  • Rutgers: 21,120
  • Syracuse: 4,206
  • UConn: 2,500
  • South Florida: 2,493
  • Louisville: 2,483
  • Pitt: 1,507
  • Cincinnati: n/a

Some of the totals are a tad skewed because of practice schedules and weather. Also, fans were allowed to come and go as they pleased during Cincinnati’s scrimmage, preventing a solid attendance figure.

Nevertheless, it shows how far the Big East is from most of the other BCS conferences. The SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 had far more impressive totals.

Now, people in the stands don’t mean anything relating to what happens on the field. Attendance does, though, point out the prestige of programs and the conference as a whole.

Pitt’s turnout says a lot about its fan base as well. This is a program that regards itself as one of the most historic and successful in the history of college football.

The fans obviously aren’t as motivated about the past.

It’s probably nothing a few wins by coach Todd Graham can’t fix, but it’s eye opening nonetheless.

Both the conference and the University of Pittsburgh clearly have a lot of work to do.

Chris Gates | Area 4-1-Zoo