MUNHALL (KDKA) — Professional ghost hunters conducted an investigation of a local library Monday night.

The “Ghost Hunters” crews came to the area after reports of paranormal activity at the Carnegie Library in Homestead.

The show is in its seventh season on the Sci-Fi Channel, but this is the first time they have filmed in our area.

Victoria Ramey, a cataloguer at the library, recalls the tour conducted by an Andrew Carnegie impersonator.

“’Wouldn’t it be funny if Andrew Carnegie – the real Andrew Carnegie showed up?’ And as I said it, one of the books over here on this shelving unit fell off,” Ramey said. “I caught a glimpse of my intern who was shelving books.”

But when she turned, no one was there.

In another instance, the housekeeper says she saw a shadow moving in the back steps of the old music hall in the library.

“So I went downstairs, but there was no one down there,” she said. “I made sure the doors were locked and got out the building.”


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