PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local businessman is offering people a unique business opportunity, invest in his company and what you may get in return is not money.

It’s cramped, tight and time for the East End Brewing Company to tap into a bigger space.

But $100,000 short of buying and moving into a larger home, owner Scott Smith says he and his wife have brewed up an intoxicating offer.

“It’s something we’ve been hatching for a while,” said Smith. “I haven’t seen anything else out there, another brewery doing anything like this.”

Call it beer money in advance. A $1,000 investment will get you essentially two years worth of pre-paid beer.

“If people are coming in every two weeks and getting two growlers of beer, they’re probably spending about $500 a year with us,” added Smith. “What we’re looking for people to do is to take two years worth of their beer budget and spend it upfront.”

Smith says some of his regulars are already drunk on the deal.

“What we’re doing is really what we’ve done all along, which is sell beer,” he said.

East End Brewing Company produced 1,800 barrels last year. Smith is hoping in the new space, he’ll double the amount of ale they pour out.

“There’s a lot of beer that we do now that we only sell in house because we don’t have the capacity to ship that to the distributor around town,” Smith said. “Those offerings and the one off small batch we do will become more available around town.”

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