PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — How would you like to save some money on car insurance? The Pennsylvania Insurance Department says many of us could save some cash, but there is a major catch.

They are everywhere.

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“That’s a good thing because what that means is the insurance companies are vying for your business,” Melissa Fox, of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

They are so pervasive on the airways because they are trying to virtually do the impossible.

“The goal of marketing is to get you to pick the phone up,” Fox said.

But when was the last time you changed car insurance companies?

“We recommend reviewing your policy every year or every other year,” she added.

Because if you don’t, that insurance card tucked away in the glove compartment may be costing you a pile of money you don’t need to be spending.

“Changes in lifestyle can create coverages that you’re paying for that you no longer need,” said Jennifer Johnsen-Nazareth, of State Farm.

On the other hand, kids moving out; getting married and putting both cars on a policy; bundling your homeowners, car and life insurance; a lack of accidents; or just being a good driver. Experts say any or all of these changes can create an opportunity for discounts that you didn’t have access to before.

But you have to reach out and ask for the discounts and shop around.

To the insurance companies you are a valuable commodity, a free agent if you will. You’re biggest bargaining chip is your ability to switch companies in the quest to save money.

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Start with this thought, how did you choose your insurance company in the first place.

“I went with the same agent my mom went with,” said Tim McCormick, of Chippewa.

“They gave you a lesser rate when you turned 24,” added Jen Dunaway, of Cranberry Township.

“Just because it’s a great insurance company for your neighbor or your coworker, if it’s the same insurance company that your parents have had for 20 years – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the best company for you,” added Fox.

For comparison purposes, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department asked the 11 largest auto insurers in our state for a quote for a married adult, 35-years-old driving a 2008 Ford Taurus limited four-door sedan.

For good drivers with low risks, the five cheapest quotes came from Travelers, Geico, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and Erie.

However, when you go to the highest risk drivers, only Geico remains in the cheapest five. With Nationwide jumping to number one, followed by Geico, USAA, State Farm Auto and State Farm Fire and Casualty.

“We can’t emphasize enough the amount of research that needs to be done,” said Fox.

But you must know exactly what you need in coverage, deductibles and what happens if there’s a problem.

“After the first loss in some insurance companies it can be as high as a 40 to 50 percent of a jack-up that you can see on your rates,” said Fox.

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