FRANKLIN (KDKA) — It could have been disastrous.

State Police say a couple of eighth graders stuck pins in cupcakes as they were preparing for a celebration.

Usually, dangerous stunts like this happen around Halloween, but two boys who are students at Franklin Middle School in Venango County rushed the season and because of it they’re in big trouble.

According to police, the two eighth graders stuck straight pins in cupcakes before spitting on them.

“This was a serious incident,” Ron Paranick, superintendent of the Franklin Area School District, said.

He has never seen anything like it in his decades as an educator.

It happened on May 2 in Mrs. Freer’s eighth period class. The cupcakes were baked earlier that day.

“The cupcakes were baked in the home ec. room for a going away party for one of the student teachers,” Paranick said.

The cupcakes were then set out to cool.

“And two kids messing around put pins in the cupcakes,” Paranick said.

Other students witnessing the tampering alerted teachers.

“Found that one of the cupcakes had two pins in it, contacted the state police,” Paranick said.

The two 13-year-old boys’ parents were contacted following questioning. The boys were given maximum suspensions immediately.

“Why they might have done this I have no idea,” the superintendent said. “Was it a joke? Was it something to draw attention to themselves?”

Because the boys are juveniles, their names are not being released, but they are facing a number of charges, including simple assault.

One of the boys’ mothers told me that when they do return to school after suspension, they’ll spend the rest of the year in detention hall.

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