GREEN TREE (KDKA) — The Keystone Oaks School District has sent a letter to Governor Tom Corbett asking him to consider waving the 180 school day requirement for an hourly requirement instead.

It’s a preliminary step towards implementing a four day school week. Keystone Oaks would become the first district to have a shorter school week, if, indeed, it takes effect.

Keystone Oaks Superintendent Dr. William Urbanek says the idea of a shorter school week is in the very early stages and much work remains before it goes into effect.

The re-opening of teacher contracts is a major hurdle that must be worked out. Parents too, have to be asked for their input.

“I think some people initially think well, ‘You’re going to work four days a week, that means less hours for children, less work for teachers,’” Urbanek said. “It doesn’t mean that at all.”

Across the nation, out of more than 15,000 school districts, only about 120 have signed on to the idea of a four-day work week.

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