PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Whether you’re planning a weekend roadtrip, heading to visit relatives or are getting away from it all with a tropical vacation, we have the links to help make sure your trip is a smooth one!

How are you getting to your destination?
What mode of transportation are you using? We’ve broken it down by category, just scroll down to see them all!


  • Stop your mail so it doesn’t pile up in your mailbox
  • Put your newspaper on hold while you’re away: Nothing says “We’re not home” more than all those papers piling up in your driveway! (Online Vacation Stop Requests: Post-Gazette)
  • Set timers to turn lights inside your home on/off
  • Keep the outside of your house well-lit (motion sensor lighting can dissuade would-be burglars)
  • Secure sliding doors with metal rods in the track
  • Make sure all doors & windows are locked
  • Don’t leave messages on your answering machine saying you’re away or out of town

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