By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- A major organization in hockey has just adopted a zero tolerance rule for hits to the head.

A unanimous decision at Hockey Canada’s annual general meeting this weekend approved a rule change that hopes to end all head contact in the game of hockey.

The previous rule 6.5 was called “checking to the head” and will be re-worded to “head contact” which is now defined as all contact above the shoulders (neck, face, and head) both accidental and intentional.

An increase in information on concussions prompted a countrywide rule change on Saturday in an effort to make the game “safer” and to eliminate “any type of contact to the head” said Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson.

Nicholson told the National Post, “We really define what zero tolerance is. A lot of officials were not calling the accidental shots to the head.

“It’s even going back to the young kids trying to keep their sticks on the ice and respect. You have to control your own actions. We’ve lost some respect from the players in the game and hopefully with this change, we’ll get a lot more respect.”

Nicholson is hoping the NHL gets on board with trying to eliminate shots to the head.

Murray Costello, a vice-president of the International Ice Hockey Federation, said that head contact also needs to be eliminated from the international game.