By Gregg Giannotti

Here are some thoughts in my head that found themselves on The Fan Morning Show’s cutting room floor.

– Even though I can’t stand this Miami Heat team, I would have been disappointed if they didn’t come out of the East. It’s great drama.

– The best this country could produce on American Idol was 17-year-old Scotty McCreery? Have you seen this kid? I thought this show was supposed to produce a star, someone who stands out. I couldn’t pick this kid out of a six person lineup if the other five were the Lakers.

– I have to quote the legendary Pirate slugger Ralph Kiner when describing current Pirate infielder Brandon Wood: “He couldn’t hit a bull in the a** with a paddle.”

– Someone needs to put out a book on how to tip in every possible situation. I’m ALWAYS confused when tipping is appropriate and when it’s not.

– It’s amazing to me dogs can be so smart sometimes yet they want to eat their own puke.

– After the winter and spring we went through I refuse to complain about how hot it is outside.

– I hate seeing someone in the hallway at work twice in a short period of time. What do you say the second time? No matter what occurs during the second exchange it’s always very awkward.

– Following athletes on Twitter is a must for sports fans. There are few things more entertaining.

– First 48 on A&E is tremendous television. It’s real crime drama with real crimes and real people. No fluff and bad writing.

– I gave our producer Joe the nickname “Catfish.” I have no idea why, honestly I don’t.

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