PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two men accused of stealing copper wire from the Port Authority appeared in court.

Police say that not only did Jacob Burns and Timothy Cromer steal copper wire, but they also left a live wire on the “T” tracks, creating a very dangerous situation.

Police say Burns was caught when he started bragging about all the money he made from selling stolen copper. But that isn’t his worst offense.

“If they would have stepped on that line, they would have been electrocuted,” Port Authority Police Detective Bill Wagner said.

Burns and co-defendant Timothy Cromer are accused of stealing the cooper off of a live power line.

It came from the Port Authority’s little-used Drake line in Bethel Park. The problem was they left a live power line laying on the tracks, shooting 750-volts into the rail. Kids often play on it.

“Very dangerous, very dangerous,” Wagner said. “It was laying there for a couple hours and almost caused a fire and kids use that track as a shortcut.”

Police say eventually the two men took two tons of copper to the AAA Scrap Company where they sold it for $6,500. Police say they put greed in front of safety.

“Both of them had an equal part in it. They both were cutting the wire down, they both were rolling it, they both took it to AAA Scrap to scrap it,” Wagner said.

Monday’s hearing was postponed for two weeks while the two defendants attempt to work out a plea bargain deal that would reduce their charges in exchange for restitution.

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