By Brenda Waters

CARRICK (KDKA) – A few days ago, humane agents raided a home in Carrick and found dozens of cats living in deplorable conditions.

Most of them had serious health issues.

Animal Friends is now housing 30 of the cats and many are still in the medical center at the facility.

When found, they were suffering from malnourishment, dehydration and were covered in fleas.

Humane officers believe as many as 50 cats were living in the house.

Traps have been set up to rescue the rest.

“The trick is to keep them motivated to go in the traps and not be afraid and hopefully get them out safely,” Human Officer Kathy Hecker said.

Officers put food around the traps in the hopes of capturing them so they can be brought to Animal Friends as well.

The traps are checked several times throughout the day.

As for adopting the cats, officials said it’s still too early for the process to begin because of their medical conditions.


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