PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Injured Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Chris Snyder and his family were accosted in the parking lot of a local gas station during a road rage incident.

One of the Good Samaratians who stepped in to help is talking about what happened.

“I saw him hit the driver’s side mirror, push it into the window, broke the mirror out of it and all the glass out and he was keying the driver’s side fender of the car,” Joe Changle said.

Changle said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he stopped at the BP on Banksville Road on Wednesday. He went there for a pack of cigarettes, but ended up in the middle of a confrontation between Carla Snyder and Subhash Modhwadia.

The run-in started when Mrs. Snyder missed a turn from Banksville to Potomac. As she tried to re-route herself, she narrowly missed Modhwadia who was driving a scooter.

Angered by her actions, he followed Snyder who was driving her husband and their two children. He confronted them at the gas station with his scooter.

“He just dropped it and ran over to her and ripped her mirror off the car and started punching the car and kicking the car,” Chuck Crooks, a witness, said.

“Her husband tried to get out and he [came] around and he’s on the phone and he’s all like crippled over …

“Then [Modhwadia] started to attack the girl and that’s when we [came] out of the garage,” he said.

Changle grabbed Modhwadia by the shirt and took him to the ground. Modhwadia bit Changle’s arm. An off-duty police officer drove by and saw the altercation. He stepped in until arresting police officers arrived.

Modhwadia was arrested and taken to Allegheny County Jail. He is facing a number of charges including aggravated assault and driving with an invalid license.

He has also been ordered to undergo a behavioral evaluation.

Modhwadia is being held on $25,000 bail.

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