PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Mayor’s office has slammed the brakes on plans to enforce parking meter rates over the Fourth of July weekend.

Sources at city hall say City of Pittsburgh Finance Director Scott Kunka hatched the plan to bolster revenue.

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority asked for volunteers to increase manpower. Everything was set, but then Mayor Luke Ravenstahl got wind of the plan and stopped it in its tracks.

The Authority’s Executive Director, David Onorato told KDKA’s Kym Gable the agency had considered forcing people to pay at meters on Saturday and Monday.

“We decided it wasn’t the time now,” Onorato said. “Per the contract, we list on our internet web page that the holiday we won’t enforce, so there’s no enforcement on Monday the 4th.”

“Oh, it would have been devastating. It’s a family-free event forever – 34th year – and families come into town, they need a place to park,” John Bonassi, Three Rivers Regatta Chairman, said. “They have young children and it would have been absolutely devastating.”

“They’ve kind of ratcheted back on that decision and we’re pleased somebody has come to their good senses to do so,” he added.

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