WASHINGTON (KDKA) — It may be the Fourth of July weekend, but that loud bang people living at the Washington Arbors Senior Citizen High Rise heard Sunday afternoon was no firecracker exploding.

Instead, it was a Dodge Charger, which was being pursued by police. The vehicle crashed into a first-floor apartment near the building’s front door.

The apartment’s occupant, Linda Anne Fonner, is confined to a wheelchair after losing her leg to diabetes.

“I was lying in my hospital bed, and I decided to put my hands behind my head, and look up and I seen this car coming down that alley like crazy,” said Fonner. “So, I tried to get up out of my bed to get in my wheelchair, but then I was so shook up, I fell on the floor.”

After the car hit the building and knocked over the utility pole, the driver bailed out and ran from police. The vehicle, with Virginia plates, had front-end damage.

“You can tell where I fell on the floor, I got a boo-boo. Then, I hit this bad leg; but then, it’s all right,” said Fonner. “The cops asked me, did I see anybody get out of the car, and I said, no, I said, ‘How could I see anybody when I was on the floor.’”

While repairs are being made to her apartment, Fonner is temporarily staying with a neighbor.

Washington City Police continue their investigation. At last report, they were still on the lookout for the driver.

Washington City Police Department
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